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Sarah Benimana, SGA President CandidateSarah Benimana, SGA President

email: [email protected]

I am pursuing BAS in agricultural Systems and Energy Systems Technology with concentration in Renewable Energy hoping to work in bioenergy/biofuel industry for my career. I joined SGA because I want to be the students’ voice and be part of team that promotes welfare of students at the college. This year is different and a bit challenging, but I excited to work with SGA team to find ways to help, serve and support students to be successful and make sure their voice are heard. In my free time, I enjoy reading, outdoor activities, and volleyball.

Chad Adams, SGA VP CandidateChad P. Adams, SGA Vice President

email: [email protected]

Originally from the ‘337’ Leesville, Louisiana ~ the Boot! I have spent the last 10 + years overseas, in and out, of hostile environments providing aircraft management and logistical support services to various multinational forces.  After several years fighting dust storms & bureaucracy I decided to change my career goals from being a mercenary for money to one that fit more in line with my social, ethical, and environmental beliefs. After some research of Renewable Energy programs across the country I decided upon Walla Walla Community College’s EST program. My intentions are return overseas to a more temperate Mediterranean climate and eventually set up an entrepreneurship which caters to residential and small to medium farm clientele with an emphasis on solar and wind energy.

As the Vice President for the Student Government Association, I will represent the student body by leading the SGA Student Senate, SGA committees, and various SGA projects. I am passionate about making sure everybody feels welcomed and that they feel comfortable during their time at Walla Walla Community College. A goal that I have for the S.G.A this year is to reach out to our community and encourage everyone that their voices matter and deserve to be heard.

Savanah Moran, Secretary/Treasury CandidateSGA Secretary & Treasurer

email: [email protected]

Hello, I am Savannah your 2020-2021 Secretary Treasurer. I joined SGA as soon as I heard about the organization. I was in the middle of my Collision Repair and Refinishing degree. I joined the Student Government because through growing up I kept my head down. I wanted to not only be a college student but a college student with a purpose; to help our students. I am currently moving onto degree number two a transfer degree in business. I currently work for an Auto Body shop and plan to open my own someday with my knowledge in collision repair and business. When work and school don’t have me too busy, I go out and ride my horse, go to the mountains, sing, draw, and write. I know even with the rough times we are going to make the rest of 2020 one to remember.


marissa manny
Marissa Manny, Senator for Arts & Sciences

Major/Area of Study:  Accounting

susana trevino
Susana Trevino, Senator for Senator for Disability, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Major/Area of Study: Associate of Arts Transfer Degree