Robin PontiusCandidate Name: Robin Pontius
Major/Program: Sustainable Agriculture
Position: Senator for Workforce Education

College and Community Involvement:
Treasurer, God’s Storehouse of the Kern Valley (Food Pantry)
Advising Board, God’s Storehouse of the Kern Valley (Food Pantry)
Parent Advisory Committee Member, College Place High School

Reasons for seeking office: 
As a mother of six and a student myself, I feel I have a unique insight regarding what works and what doesn’t. From the perspective as a parent, I caught a glimpse of what my student needed to succeed. As a student now myself I have an understanding of what students of various ages need to achieve their education goals. I have a desire to use my many years of experience to help develop policies impacting myself and other college students.

Ana Carvajal

Candidate Name: Ana Carvajal
Major/Program: Undecided
Position: President

College and Community Involvement:
Latino Club, Secretary
AVID student
Latino Club Member
News Anchor for Wake Up Wahi
LEAP Ambassador
GEAR UP Ambassador
National Honors Society Member
Completed over 150 hours of community service

Reasons for seeking office: 
I want to be president of Walla Walla Community College’s student government because I believe that I have the potential to create an environment in our school where every student feels welcomed and proud to be a warrior. I want to be able to showcase my leadership skills and take this opportunity to help our school and the community. Being president is an important role of student government, I believe I have the qualifications needed in order to fill the role as president. I work well with others, I’m a determined student, I am responsible, and I am dedicated to making an impact and improve this school. I want to take the opportunity of being in office in order to grow as a leader and help others. I’m excited for next year, and I hope I can be part of the reason we have another great school year.

April Palmer

Candidate Name: April Palmer
Major/Program: Nursing
Position: Senator for Nursing and Allied Health Professions

College and Community Involvement:
On campus, I have participated in karaoke night, dark roller-skating, trivia night, play with clay, Walla Walla singing competition, trunk or treat, scary wood, and am a member of Business and Equality Club. Off campus, I run cross-country, bike in local competitions, participate in a trap and skeet tournaments, participate in youth church activities at the Village Church, and have done volunteer work for the VA.

Reasons for seeking office: 
I love being a part of student activities. It has allowed me to meet many people and make many new friends. I really do appreciate all the hard work the ASB has done this year, and I think I can really help if I was a part of the team. Participating in student actives has given me the opportunity to relax and unwind after a busy day. I am very dedicated to my studies and sometimes I forget to have fun, and I think other students may sometimes forget that as well. Classes can be monotonous and sometimes a lively campus activity can help to alleviate student stress. I am a very creative person, and I would enjoy creating campus actives.

By supporting club growth as an officer, I believe that I can help many new students create long meaningful experiences. I have been a teacher at heart and a personal student teacher on campus, and it has always made me happy to see a student and friend reach academic and personal success in their lives. Being able to help others makes me feel like I am a part of something that is bigger than myself, and I really think I can help make a difference if I was a part of this team.

Kelly SmithCandidate Name: Kelly Smith
Major/Program: Education
Position: Senator for Arts & Sciences

College and Community Involvement:
Training help at my place of employment (customer service work)

Reasons for seeking office: 
To provide leadership and real world adult experience to the senate board.

Mikhail Mironov

Candidate Name: Mikhail Mironov
Major/Program: B.A. in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Position: Treasurer

College and Community Involvement:
None that are applicable.

Reasons for seeking office: 
A nice place to work and it will give me the feeling of some accounting and give me a feel because its what I’m studying for in my degree  bachelors in business management and entrepreneurship (accounting).

Sarah Benimana
Major/Program: Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Position: Vice President

College and Community Involvement:
SGA Parliamentarian 2018-2019
Toastmasters Vice President

Reasons for seeking office: 

I really like serving students and help them with their concerns and really get them involved. As SGA parliamentarian for 2018-2019, there several projects I worked on to get students involved and I would like to finish some of them and do more projects on campus for student to have fun and let their voice be heard.


Candidate Name: Savannah Moran
Major/Program: Collision Repair & Refinishing
Position: Secretary

College and Community Involvement:
I was involved in a leadership class for two years and was a leader and pitcher on my softball team. My family and I also kept track of the games minutes and the score through-out each game.

Reasons for seeking office: 
My number one reason for seeking office is that I want to get more involved here at WWCC. I do not want to just finish my course here at WWCC and leave it at that. I want to get involved during my time at WWCC. I want to be a voice for all the students here at WWCC and be able to address problems and situations brought to my attention by the clubs, students, and even staff.

Eric Chavez-Lozano

Candidate Name: Eric Chavez-Lozano
Major/Program: Ag Business
Position: Vice President

College and Community Involvement:

Student mentor/worker with the Alternative Education Program at WWCC.  In this position, I worked with students to help them find classes and access campus resources, including IT support, helping obtain ID cards, campus tours, sign in help, warrior resource tours, student advising and registration support, new student orientation support and book distribution.

Reasons for seeking office: 

I am hoping to develop new communication and public speaking skills.  I want to get comfortable talking to people from different backgrounds and to large crowds.  I want to develop leadership skills that will help me as I work on my degree and business.  I would like to continue working on campus because it allows me to become more comfortable in a setting that I have not had access to in the past, since none of my family members have a college degree.

Jonathan Paul

Candidate Name: Jonathan Paul
Major/Program: Diesel Technology
Position: Vice President

College and Community Involvement:
Senior Class President 2016
Head RA 2016
Manager for Maranatha Volunteers International Kenya

Reasons for seeking office: 

I like to lead. I enjoy being responsible for programs and behind the sense leadership. As an International student I would like to support my schooling with the salary I’ll get from it. I would like to gain more experience as a leader and hopefully learn a lot from others.