The Student Activities Team is committed to maximizing the student experience through the planning and implementation of an array of programs that educate and entertain audiences. We achieve this by planning and executing programs that create a comprehensive program for a diverse audience. The team is in charge of all things involving activities on campus for students, making sure that all of the little details for every event go smoothly. You can find them at every event: setting up, participating and taking down. Thanks to the Student Activities team, this school has many educational, recreational, social, and cultural events running year round. Some examples include but are not limited to; Trivia Night, Glow in the Dark Roller Rink, The Warrior Expo, Bowling Nights, and all new activities that you plan! Members attend weekly meetings. Have new ideas come by Office 255 in the Student Activity Center!

Student Activities Team Members

Annagail Bio PicAnnagail Smith

Intended Major/Career goal: I am in the pre-nursing program right now, I want to become a RN! Right out of college I’d like to be a travel nurse, which combines two of my favorite concepts; traveling and helping others!

Interests/hobbies: I play basketball, I’m actually on the women’s team here at Walla Walla. I also love painting and hand lettering!
Why did you decide to come to WWCC? I wanted to pursue my basketball career while taking part in their awesome nursing program!
What is something you hope SAT will achieve this year? I hope that we can find ways to help you feel connected to the school even though we are meeting from behind a screen. I hope that SAT Activites will become a highlight of your week, something we can all look forward to!
Why did you choose to get involved on campus? I knew I would be pretty occupied with my basketball team and the girls on it, I wanted to expand my circle and get involved with the school so I could meet others and benefit the place that is doing so much for me!
Unique about you? I don’t have a middle name! It’s just Annagail Smith.
Favorite Food? BBQ Pulled Pork!
Future Goals? I’d like to transfer to a 4-year to compete at a higher level and finish out my degree.
Favorite Show to Binge Watch? I am currently loving Criminal Minds!! I was just introduced to it and I’m obsessed. I am however slowly checking off various places in which I will never be caught alone… I’ve started saying to my friends or family  “Bye love you! If you don’t hear from me I’ve been kidnapped!”
Guilty Pleasure Show? The Great British Baking show…I am quite literally in love with this one.

Brie HolecekBrie Holecek

Intended major: Biology
Hobbies: basketball and cooking
Why did you decide to come to WWCC? I chose to come to wwcc because the basketball and school program is amazing!
What is something you hope SAT will achieve this year? I hope to achieve and work with individuals who push me to be a better leader at the school and in life.
Why did you choose to get involved on campus? I chose to get involved because I was involved at my high schools ASB and it helped me grow and learn and I want to continue to do so.
Questions: Favorite event or activity that has been out on by SAT?
Favorite food: mashed potatoes and gravy
Future goals: to graduate college and get a masters in a degree that is unknown to me yet
Favorite show to binge watch: Parenthood

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