The Student Activities Team is committed to maximizing the student experience through the planning and implementation of an array of programs that educate and entertain audiences. We achieve this by planning and executing programs that create a comprehensive program for a diverse audience. The team is in charge of all things involving activities on campus for students, making sure that all of the little details for every event go smoothly. You can find them at every event: setting up, participating and taking down. Thanks to the Student Activities team, this school has many educational, recreational, social, and cultural events running year round. Some examples include but are not limited to; Trivia Night, Glow in the Dark Roller Rink, The Warrior Expo, Bowling Nights, and all new activities that you plan! Members attend weekly meetings. Have new ideas come by Office 255 in the Student Activity Center!


Questions? Please contact Vince Ruzicka – Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement Office 258, phone number 509.520.8349.

Student Activities Team Members

HaileyName: Hailey Rogan

Intended Major/Career goal: I am currently getting my associates in biology and then continuing my education to eventually becoming a wildlife biologist

Interests/hobbies: I have always been a very active person, played many sports throughout my childhood and now I am on the women’s soccer team here at WWCC. I am also pretty crafty.

Why did you decide to come to WWCC? I decided to come to WWCC because it was the best decision for me, I didn’t want to commit to a college for four years yet, I am four hours away from my hometown, Boise, and WWCC has a great soccer program.

What is something you hope SAT will achieve this year: I hope that we can offer all students exciting and fun activities even with all the Covid obstacles we have had to deal with.

Why did you choose to get involved on campus? I chose to get involved on campus because I really enjoyed participating in the student activities and knew that being apart of the team that puts the events on would be a good fit for me.

Something unique about you? I am a mother to 13 fun indoor plants and can’t wait to get more!

Favorite Food? Sushi

Future Goals? My craziest goal/dream for the future would be to some type of biological study in the Amazon rainforest.

Favorite Show to Binge Watch? I really enjoy watching Friends, That 70s Show, Grey’s Anatomy and Orange is the New Black. I don’t think I can pick a favorite!

Guilty Pleasure Show? Animal planet for sure, or just any nature documentary in general.

Darbi AveryName: Darbi Avery

Intended Major/Career goal: Pre Nursing/ Nursing

Interests/hobbies: Basketball and camping

Why did you decide to come to WWCC? Basketball

What is something you hope SAT will achieve this year:
I hope Student Activities is able to help bring some joy to the campus through this crazy year!

Why did you choose to get involved on campus? I love being involved in activities and being able to help plan and execute them has been so fun.

Something unique about you? I ride dirt bikes

Favorite Food? Sushi or steak and potatoes

Future Goals? As of right now I hope to become and nurse or be in a field where I can help people. My future goals are to have a family and have a job I love

Favorite Show to Binge Watch? Friends or The Big Bang theory

Guilty Pleasure Show? The Proposal or Pride and Prejudice

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